1% for the planet and natural forest promotion

The promotion of natural forests has an enormously positive impact on our environment. To support this project, FAZUA is now donating 1% to the Succow Foundation for every purchase in the online shop.

Around 270 hectares of forest are currently entrusted to the Succow Foundation. In contrast to the majority of the local forest areas, no wood use is planned in these foundation forests in the long term. Due to the non-use of the wood, the mass of living, but also dead wood in the forest increases. Due to their increased expansion and deadwood mass, the trees store more CO2 than is the case in forested areas - and that is just one of many advantages that a natural forest provides our environment.

You can find detailed information about this project under the following link: https://www.succow-stiftung.de/spender-mitmachen/wald-patenschaft