General information on use and storage

  • Please never charge the battery unattended and/or overnight!
  • The battery should be stored at a room temperature not below 5 degrees.
  • When changing the battery in the drivepack, please always ensure that all contacts are free of dirt and moisture.

Can it be that at 30% of the battery there is a drop in performance of the motor?

Yes that's right. This is due to the fact that only two cells can be connected in parallel with our battery due to its design. The more cells running in parallel, the more current can flow. As the battery charge decreases, the voltage also decreases. In order to deliver the same amount of current, more current would have to flow than two cells connected in parallel can transport.

What is the maximum time the battery may not be charged?

For the winter we recommend charging the battery to 60%. Check after a maximum of 6 months. When the charge drops below 20%, charge back up to 60%.

How tight is the battery?


How many kilometers can be reached with the battery?

Extra Energy has tested our system for ranges: We can communicate 55 km as an average value here. However, if you consider that you often ride more than 25 km/h, especially in the racing bike sector, a battery charge often lasts much longer, since it is then mainly used on the mountain. We like to calculate in meters of altitude when it comes to capacity: Depending on the level of assistance and the weight of the rider, we are between 900-1400 meters for racing bikes and 700 meters for MTBs.